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Welcome to a Full 🔥 review of The Highs and Lows of 2019 Full 🔥 Season is one for the Fire Boards. The Bronx,Manhattan and Brooklyn all raised hell fires on the 🔥Boards full Season Fire Flows Music League of 2019.

The 1st Quarter of 2019 was an exciting one for the Fire rise flowing from last Quarter of 2018 on a high note. 

Zin-Zeta completes a great roll out to the Bronx Power Players Newest 🔥 project “The Fux Tape” with exceptional fire singles “Ask Me” + “Doxylamine” Showing his ability to switch flows & concepts giving a whole new experience from Zin-Zeta last Solo 🔥 project “Spreading Da Z’s” project 2 years ago.








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The Coffee World will never be the same since we have come together to bring you more than caffeine. We have put together Coffee Music and hustler motivation for all artists and hustlers out there.





Top 10’s


Zin-Zeta releases new “Fux Tape” for the 4th Quarter of 2019.

Ya Boi Bron will not be dropping a new project this Quarter & will push through with Fire singles on the boards.

Jaymazin weighs in on Ya Boi Bron v.S Zin-Zeta & you wont believe who’s side he is taking.

Jaymazin hates Pret Coffee?

Jaymazin throws a fit about not promoting Pret Coffee during the 2nd interview on Coffee Goat Radio but first time on CGR Fire Daily. The Hk artist was first interviewed at Fika days before the establishment closed down.




Fire Music League Light

Bringing Competitive Music with only the best in 

The Underworld of Underground music 

Fire Flows Power players and Hk Music world the land of fire artists are uniting to compete for every level of high fire championships. Fire Flows Radio + Underworld Music Radio + Coffee Goat Radio has the 1st ever Fire Music leagues which is Music, Sports, Entertainment.




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The Rivalry between Austen G is one


Latest in the Underworld of Underground Music

Coffee & Music

Fire Flows Championship

Ya Boi Bron & Zin-Zeta will be facing off on the 1st Episode for the God Flow title, this one will be for the Fire History books & the Fire activity is at all time high with both artists on a Fire run for new projects.

Samantha Leah is on Fire

Samantha Leah has only been delivering Fire consistantly every quarter with Quality music.

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Breaking Coffee News

McCafe releases 1st holiday drink since 2013

Fika is closing its doors for good, after a 13 year run.

The Coffee world will truly miss the Swedish quality Coffee brand. 

New Music from Samantha Leah

Shoutout to

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Tuesday 9/17/19

Daily Coffee Fire 

Episode 1

You don’t take a day off with your Coffee so why should we.

A podcast dedicated to Coffee drinkers from coffee drinkers.

We are going into Coffee overdrive with this podcast because its a coffee movement.

We will brew everyday till you need the Podcast like you need your daily coffee.

We will visit all your favorite coffee shops, carts and big coffee giants.

We will also conduct content filled interviews

Snippets of Streaming Conversations episode 1 & 2.

Welcome to Coffee Goat News 

The place we talk about Coffee & the world of the coffee giants like Starbucks vs Dunkin but we all knows whos going to win that & dont forget Mc Cafe  cafes & breakfast carts + making money and the big companies who are making big money so that you can 


Mcdonalds brings out the Slushies to attack back to starbucks refreshers iced line ready for the Summer

Dunkin takes a page out of the Starbucks & Mcdonalds book with new espresso drinks & breakfast sandwiches. 

Starbucks taking a hit with their frappuccinos, forcing the coffee giant to create happy hours where they discount the product heavily.