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The 1st Quarter of 2021 in the fire music media world is on the uprise with major moves on the fire boards. The bronx Power Player Ya Boi Bron is reinventing his music content once again to start the year 2021 off. The Fire bronx lyrical Beast is shining light on his Puerto-Rican roots.
Ice Poseidon a couple years back went from gaming to pure reality with so many random streamers looking for there time to shine. The talk to tex aspect took the channel to higher stakes & so more views came with more problems. Ice is back to the basics with the personality that started it all, himself.

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Bamboo Mc has been putting out more Fire music & content for the year of 2020. The Legend of Jenny Vega solo project was released right before the pandemic began. The exclusive interview we had in the Stop One food market would have been impossible to make during the pandemic. The new norm is very different but it is what it is and we must adapt and not be trapped.

The partnership between Johnnie Floss & Dj Chase is one that has manifested a fire project “Rich in Spirit”

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New Fire Music from Powerplayer Samantha leah for the 3rd Quarter

whats New in the Bronx Sector of the fire world.