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The world is changing & adaption to the game is vital to surviving in the new world of music & media. The time is now to bring your fire upfront & forward.

The time is now to take control of your destiny by putting the work in & Pushing the Fire forward.The 2nd Quarter of 2021 has only risen the fire activity levels on the fire boards quarterly.

The queen of fire independence Samantha Leah is back on the Fire boards with a R&B fire single “Fly With You”

The Pre Game Party Mix is a show watered towards those ambitious hustlers & entrepreneurs. The Media Power Player has stepped up the level of the podcast from season 1 to season 2 with valuable money making conversations.

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ESW ON CGR SPORTS: Shockwave Season 5 Extreme Rumble 2021

Fire Flows Certified will be celebrating & certifying artists work through the high standards of the Flow God Ya Boi Bron’s work ethic.

We are mining for what’s Next in the world of media & music & believe that team work makes the dream work ethic & standards.

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CGR 24/7 is the perfect combination of Music + Media + Podcast + Food & Drinks with the right twist of Independent news & daily updates.

Dj Chase & Johnnie Floss‘s partnership has been very profitable & has manifested a fire project “Rich In Spirit”.The 1st fire classic single “We Good Outside” showed the lyrical artist use his voice to talk about the important things going on with the BLM movement & the change that needs to be made.

Bamboo Mc has always evolved his 90s styled flows with the times. The Hk Power Player Bamboo has adapted to the social media streaming game, far from mixtape cds or cassettes.

Dotty Dot is back in the zone with new fire music out now for the end of the 1st quarter of 2021.

Blizzo has only prevailed since embarking a solo career in the music game.

Ya Boi Bron is Fire Flows Champion for 2020, making the artist the 1st & only 3x Fire Flows Champion.

Feli Gatz is starting up the fire roll out with new fire singles for the 1st quarter of 2021. The bronx artist is heating up the fire boards early for the year of 2021.

1st Quarter of 2021 in the fire music media world is on the uprise with major moves on the fire boards. The bronx Power Player Ya Boi Bron is reinventing his music content once again to start the year 2021 off. The Fire bronx lyrical Beast is shining light on his Puerto-Rican roots.

The “SO NY” challenge gave the team Ya Boi Bron family a chance to shine as a lyrical artist in a fire history making single. The mind of young Bron’s strategy on “SoNy” challenge is one of sharing the fire great moments rolling out on the journey to legendary status. This challenge is not ya boi bron first music challenge, he is always known to bring his supporters closer in & give them the full experience of a success journey.

The 5 years of fire flooding the Streams, putting the Heat Wave 3 to the side to master the fire singles consistently quarter to quarter on the fire boards.The singles “2016 FLow” + “Lord Demon” were a couple of the singles leading the roll out before the The Heat Wave 3 detour. The bronx Power Player felt like musically he was growing & evolving as an artist & wanted to not rush the closing of his 2nd trilogy.