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Abwon is a film maker with a few new projects on the way for the year of 2021. The independent film “Errands” might have a deleted scene edition, which would turn the 5 minute video to a 11 minute video. Read More

March 11th 2021

Episode Description:

Here at @theryanshow week after week we aim to bridge the gap and learn something new together. This week was no different!

We got to sit down with one of godfathers of trap music, @drummaboyfresh who caught us up on the elevating evolution of his classically fueled sound. Stream his new genre-bending music on all platforms now! 

WWE Legend and brilliant wrestling mind @thefgbrisco zoomed in to tell epic stories about the WWF Attitude Era, his time wrestling as The Brisco Brothers, and discovering @hulkhogan in Florida. 

@celebrityboxing1 has been on a 24/7 media run since booking the MEGA fight between pop star Aaron Carter & ex NBA baller Lamar Odom. Damon tells us what the heat has been like from the online haters and gives us the secret to his mental fortitude.

Between creating music and running one of the most successful horse farms in the country @bigheadbandz has a story unlike any other in hip hop. What was his secret to positioning himself in a way to flourish as such? Tune in and find out!

Variety is the spice of life on another episode of @theryanshowfm!

We have the most trending podcast in the independent world that only includes 4th Quarter of 2020 & 1st Quarter of 2021.The Founder of Worldwide Soundz is back with a brand new season & a brand new look for the new year. What kind of Podcast Trend in the INdependent Fire Music media league.
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Dj Chase Journey The Founder of worldwide Soundz Dj Chase has always chosen the Independent route & learnt about ownership at a young age.
Dj Chase Celebrates Syndication The genius mind of Dj Chase has attracted the perfect conversations to make a fire podcast “The Pre-Game Party Mix” bound to get Syndicated.

The Pre Game Party Mix is now syndicated playing daily on Coffee Goat Radio Live & many other places. Dj Chase starts off a new season on a high note.

Dj Chase & Johnnie Floss has formed a partnership that breeds fire music & a fire project called “Rich In Spirit”. The 2 Power Players have a fire connection that manifest fire on the boards.
Read More about The”Rich In Spirit”Project

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This is not for everyone & this is not about everyone this is about focusing in on your goals & investing in yourself. We believe that following your dreams is vital to achieve happiness with no regrets. We care about the expression of an artist & would love to join you on your journey.

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Episode Description:

Originally Aired on 01/07/2020

Our first @theryanshowfm broadcast of 2021 featured a strong contrast between hop legends and outrageous regulars of our radio program. Between on air conflict, classic #freakytah stories and appearances by @rampagethelastboyscout, @louielbf &  @bigtitsbigpics this show had it all. Lock us in your schedule and we’ll see ya then!

Lil Boo has dominated the fire boards 2020 with fire single after fire single + strategically the full season of 2020 was played on a high note.
Abwon is on his way from behind the scenes being a producer to in front of the camera as an host.
Ya Boi Bron has retained his Fire Flows Championship 2020 & has made fire history on the fire boards for 2020.
Ya Boi Bron & Feli Gatz are two of the Power Players with music trending on the fire boards.
Dj chase & Reemo Meerak both stayed on top of the podcast game 4th quarter 2020 + 1st Quarter 2021.

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The 1st Quarter of 2021 in the fire music media world is on the uprise with major moves on the fire boards. The bronx Power Player Ya Boi Bron is reinventing his music content once again to start the year 2021 off. The Fire bronx lyrical Beast is shining light on his Puerto-Rican roots.
Ice Poseidon a couple years back went from gaming to pure reality with so many random streamers looking for there time to shine. The talk to tex aspect took the channel to higher stakes & so more views came with more problems. Ice is back to the basics with the personality that started it all, himself.

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Bamboo Mc has been putting out more Fire music & content for the year of 2020. The Legend of Jenny Vega solo project was released right before the pandemic began. The exclusive interview we had in the Stop One food market would have been impossible to make during the pandemic. The new norm is very different but it is what it is and we must adapt and not be trapped.

The partnership between Johnnie Floss & Dj Chase is one that has manifested a fire project “Rich in Spirit”

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A Bamboo Mc Classic 🔥

New Fire Music from Powerplayer Samantha leah for the 3rd Quarter

whats New in the Bronx Sector of the fire world.