Fire Hip-Hop + Rap Charts

Dj Chase & Johnnie Floss’s “Rich In Spirit” has made fire history with with a steady fire rise of activity levels & high fire substance with a fire lead single.

What is going on for the 2nd half of the 1st Quarter of 2021 ?

The Bronx of New York is on a up rise of Fire once again & the usual Power Players are at it again. Ya Boi Bron + Charlie Cruz IamCruz + Feli Gatz + Dotty Dot + Jaymazin & more

The fire run of 2018-2020 from fire independent artists in the hip hop rap sector. 2018 was the year The Fire FLows Championship

Ya Boi Bron has seen victory 3 years in a row with the Fire Flows Championship since 2018. The bronx power players consistent fire singles & fire visuals flooding the fire boards quarterly. The strategic moves of the bronx lyrical fire beast also plays a major part in achieving & retaining the Fire FLows god fire flows championship.

Feli Gatz has risen on the fire boards 2020 with fire singles “Tragic” + “perc” + “ksubi” made fire history. The bronx power player made “Perc” + “KSUBI” into challenges