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The 1st Quarter of 2021 in the fire music media world is on the uprise with major moves on the fire boards. The bronx Power Player Ya Boi Bron is reinventing his music content once again to start the year 2021 off. The Fire bronx lyrical Beast is shining light on his Puerto-Rican roots.

The “SO NY” challenge gave the team Ya Boi Bron family a chance to shine as a lyrical artist in a fire history making single. The mind of young Bron’s strategy on “SoNy” challenge is one of sharing the fire great moments rolling out on the journey to legendary status. This challenge is not ya boi bron first music challenge, he is always known to bring his supporters closer in & give them the full experience of a success journey.

The 5 years of fire flooding the Streams, putting the Heat Wave 3 to the side to master the fire singles consistently quarter to quarter on the fire boards.The singles “2016 FLow” + “Lord Demon” were a couple of the singles leading the roll out before the The Heat Wave 3 detour. The bronx Power Player felt like musically he was growing & evolving as an artist & wanted to not rush the closing of his 2nd trilogy.